Before it's too late !

Purchase your seat by filling out the intent to purchase form.

Box seats cost $5,000 each, mezzanine seats $3,000, and balcony seats $1,500. Corporate lounges are also available for $25,000.

For those who wish to acquire a seat as a group, it is possible to fill a group purchase form.

Why take your seat ?

  • You will have access to a presell for your seat for every show, match or event taking place in the new amphitheater.
  • You will own the seats as long as the amphitheater stays.
  • You can bequeath your seats.
  • You can sell your rights on your seats.
  • You greatly help Quebec City acquire a modern amphitheater, which is the first step in order to attract an NHL team or the Olympic games.

See FAQ for full details.

Steps to follow

1. Fill out the intent to purchase form.
2. After sending the form, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your intent to purchase. Simply click on the hyperlink in the email to confirm your intent.
3. Print your confirmation page to save the data.
4. Once these first steps have been taken, we will contact you to sign the contract.

I’m taking my seat