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-      Financing and management agreements? Done.

-      Building the stadium? In progress

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Buying your own seat with J’ai ma place is the only way to ensure your possession of season tickets. Seat owners will also have the best seats in the house.

The building will have around 18 000 seats: a maximum of 10 000 for J’ai ma place (including 2000 for the corporate boxes) and 8000 for the lucky few who will be quick enough to buy their tickets.

In only 17 minutes, Winnipeg’s season tickets were sold-out; 8000 fans are currently on the waiting list.

Do you really want to take the risk of not having your tickets?

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« Multifunctional » Coliseum

J’ai ma place was founded as a project to build a new multifunctional coliseum. This new infrastructure will have around 18 000 seats and will be able to welcome the highest quality in cultural and sporting events. According to a preliminary schedule, the project should be completed in September 2015.

Image extérieure de l'amphithéâtre